Business survival guide: How to look after your business during Coronavirus pandemic

Business survival guide: How to look after your business during Coronavirus pandemic

What you can do to help your business function during the coronavirus pandemic

With the government advising all those who are not considered essential workers to work from home, this can mean that businesses will be struggling to function normally and effectively all over the UK, which inevitably will have a negative effect on the economy.

Due to such difficult times, we have devised a list of key steps to take in order to help you run our business as best you can during this period.

Preventing the spread and protecting your employees

If some of your staff cannot work from home, it is imperative that you make sure that you keep them safe and do all it takes to make sure the virus is not caught and spread around the place of work. You can achieve this by:

Keeping up-to-date with government or health care guidelines every day and implementing them at work.

Take a look at the CDC’s guidelines here.

Make sure you have enough soap and sanitiser at your workplace and encourage regular use of it throughout the day to all your employees.

This medical group provides large bottles of hand sanitiser suitable for the workplace.

Letting as many people work from home as possible

While some roles within the business may struggle to work from home, it is crucial that anyone that can work from home dose, so as to avoid any chance of the virus entering the workplace and spreading.

It is also necessary that any employee with even the slightest symptom is sent home for the self-isolation period of at least 14 days to ensure the virus is prevented from spreading.

Business survival guide: How to look after your business during Coronavirus pandemic

Gaining financial and business advice

If you have a business and financial advisor for your company, make sure you get into contact with them and ask them to help you make decisions about how the business can go forward during the quarantine period.

You will want to ask them to help you when it comes to planning work for the near future and how you can protect costs and employees during this time.

You should also see the government’s advice for business and workers.

Prioritise work/services

If you are a company with a number of employees, you will need to think about how necessary each one is to the running of the business and look at which roles are more important than others at this time.

One option is to furlough works who you intend on keeping in the future but are not essential to the everyday need of the business while the pandemic lasts.

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