Here’s why you should change career and join the beauty industry

Career path

When choosing a career path it is always very important to be sure about it.

It’s important to do something that you enjoy doing.
Just like a career path or a job that you can wake up on a Monday morning and feel happy to go to because you enjoy what you do and who you are.

It is always good to think about decisions like this carefully as in 20 years you would want to look back and feel satisfied with the choices you made and have no regrets.
It can be really difficult to be sure of whether the career path that you have chosen to peruse is the right one for you.

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Join the beauty industry

What is the beauty industry?

Working in the beauty industry has many benefits and most people that are a part of it have a creative and artistic background. A career in this industry has the potential to fulfil your rewards and dreams.

The beauty industry is a place that provides people with advice and treatments to improve their appearance, most typically their faces, bodies or hair. Find out how to advertise your business.

What jobs are available?

There is an endless amount of jobs available and most people specialise in one area only, such as manicures, hairdressing or tanning. However, those who are able to perform more than one treatment such as make-up and facials are known as beauty technicians.

With the required training, beauty therapists can become more qualified, allowing them to offer more advanced treatments on their patients. After the extra training has been completed, many people decide to turn to freelance or run their own business.

What training is required to join the industry?

There are a number of different qualifications that are recognised in the beauty industry and at different levels. The most common are:

When choosing a course, always make sure that is has been accredited by HABIA (Hair and Beauty Industry Authority). They also run professional development courses so beauty therapists can keep up with recent techniques and trends.

See how you can get back into employment

Accredited courses by HABIA

All courses at Natural Enhancement are accredited by HABIA and are industry approved. The extensive thought that is put behind these courses is incredible as over 30 years of experience has been inputted to produce results that are outstanding.

If you’d like to train to become a permanent makeup artist, then these are the best courses in London.

If you haven’t had any previous experience, you will start with the Standard Plus Biotek Smart-Start course. There will always be a course option for you.