The best way to get finance for your property development project

Get your finance in order as a property developer

Whether you are a property developer, landlord or investor, there are multiple ways of getting finance for your latest project.

The alternative lending market is new and can often feel confusing, however it may be the best option compared to loans from a high street lender. Please get in touch for more information.

What is the difference between a commercial mortgage and buy-to-let?

A commercial mortgage may be suitable when an individual has a large portfolio and is looking to purchase more. Arrangement fees can be cut when wanting to combine these into one mortgage.

Buy-to-let will depend on scale. A commercial mortgage is more suitable for a landlord with multiple properties and buy-to-let is typically for a private individual looking to purchase their first rental property.

Should you choose a bridging loan or development finance?

This is a short-term solution that is put towards the costs of building and development. The right choice of development finance or a bridging loan will depend on how big and how much work has to go into the project.

Find out how much interest you’ll pay on development finance.

How beneficial is auction finance?

Auctions are a great way of buying property at a cheap price. Once you have won the bid, auctioneers will be looking for the full sum of money within the first 28 days. Quite often, people take out auction finance to fund this. Click here.

They may then need to acquire more finance to fund the further development of the property.