Tips to getting more customers to your store

For smaller stores, an empty shop can easily mean an empty bank account, which is why Mainstream Partnership has offered tips on how to drive more foot traffic to your retailer.

If you would like to share the tips that have worked for you, please contact us and let us know!

  1. Your Store Sign

Spruce up your store sign and make it eye-catching and creative. If you have lights, test them weekly to make sure they are constantly working. Add a fresh lick of paint and make sure it is easy to read from afar. Your shop curb appeal is important. Simply Signs offers great ideas for your shop sign.

  1. Easy Parking

A shop with parking can welcome another crowd of people to the store. However, it is important to make signs to the car park clear which can be done by a notice in the window stating “Car Parking at Rear”. This will encourage visitors who don’t want to park on the street.

  1. Accessibility for All

Don’t write your store off to an entire group of people, including those who are physically impaired, mothers with buggies and those with lots of shopping bags. This will make it extremely difficult for people to enter your store and they may end up just walking past. Make sure you have things such as automatic doors, ramps and trained staff.

Your automatic door options include sliding doors, swing doors and revolving. Find out more.

  1. Announce Your Business

Let everybody know what your business does. Customers walking or driving past should be able to know what your business sells/offers. If your curb appeal doesn’t show what you are offering, people won’t bother to come in. Learn about window displays.