Advertising Strategies for Successful Business

An Effective Advertising Strategy will take your business to the next level

Look at your consumer market- who are your customers? Is there a way to broaden your customer base?

Using advertising to target specific demographics can greatly increase your exposure to new potential customers.

The main category of people businesses want to target are classified as ABC1 in marketing terms. This refers to consumers in the highest social and economic groups of the population.

It follows that this category of the population will be earning decent wages and will have disposable income.

If you can target your advertising to this demographic then you will tap into the most profitable market sector.

Advertising will take your product and business to the people best placed to buy it. Click here for more.

Let’s look at Birmingham as an example.

With over 50% of inhabitants classified as ABC1 it is a perfect city to implement targeted advertising.

The results are showing that outdoor advertising in Birmingham has been incredibly successful with particularly good results from adverts on buses.

With a vast network of buses spanning the city and surrounding areas they act as moving advertisements. There are hundreds of thousands of people using and seeing the buses on a daily basis so it is certainly worth the investment.

Using a local advertising specialist such as Exterion Media is highly recommended for outdoor advertising in Birmingham.

Outdoor advertising is one of the best ways to reach ABC1 consumers in cities as they tend to commute to work and be out and about.

Radio and local newspaper advertisements are generally more suitable for advertising to older generations, with ages 50 and over being regular listeners to local radio.

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Hold up, we aren’t done yet!

There are many ways of taking your business to the next level, other than just advertising?

Although outdoor advertising has proven to be effective, so are other strategies.

Another one that is highly efficient in producing results is through promotional campaigns and staffing.

Try nationwide leafleting, flyering, even staff and lead generation all with a trusted agency. StreetPR operate across the UK to deliver brand results and have previously done so for over 600 brands. Start-up businesses can benefit massively from this type of marketing.

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