What Can an Office Cleaner Do For Your Business?

A tidy, neat and clean office can do much more than creating a nice atmosphere. The benefits include:

  • Creating a good image with clients when they visit
  • Confidence and trust in clients / customers
  • Healthy / friendly atmosphere with co-workers
  • More time to spend on work rather than cleaning

The office cleaning company that you choose will work with you to create a clean solution that fits into your budget.

There are many cleaning agencies that have office cleaning services, but it is important that you choose a company that is reputable, trusted and is highly focused in offering cleaning solutions.

Cleaning solutions for offices of different sizes.

There are a number of health benefits that are linked to having a clean office. Furthermore, services such as carpet cleaning is a great way to boast productivity and improve the quality of air in your office.

Different services a company can offer you

The Office / Working Area:

This includes removing the rubbish in the bins, cleaning and vacuuming carpets as well as polishing tables and desks. All dust will also be removed from window sills, desktops and lights.

Reception Areas:

This is where most clients will be met, so it is important that this area is impeccably clean. Find out why.

A cleaning agency will Hoover the floor, clean any mirrors, wipe down desks and remove stains from the floor. Chairs will also be thoroughly cleaned.

Kitchen / Break Areas:

This is often where most bacteria live (apart from the washroom). All tables, surfaces and countertops will be wiped down with disinfectant.  All sinks will also be cleaned. Soap will be replaced as well as the paper towel dispenser. Click here to see kitchen etiquette.

All rubbish bins will be emptied.

Washrooms / Toilets:

This is where a cleaner is most handy as they will be trained in completing this room to the highest of standards.

Toilet bowls, sinks, seats and handles will be cleaned. Rubbish will also be removed as well as filling up soap dispensers, replacing toilet roll and the fabric hand dryers.

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